Castle of Rambouillet

If you spend your vacation in Paris, but do not limit yourself to the city sights only, we would recommend a visit of a park and castle complex of Rambouillet. This beautiful place is 50 kilometers to the south-west from Paris.

What notable does this attraction have? Rambouillet is an old French Royal estate with theme gardens, water canals, a river, romantic pavilions and grottos, and, of course, with a beautiful palace. And all this splendour is surrounded with the forest of Yveline, where in the Middle Ages Saint-Denis Abbey was.

Also the Rambouillet complex has a farm specializing in fine breeds of sheep (built by order of Louis VI) and a milk farm with Tuscan columns (built for Marie-Antoinette). On the territory of the park you’ll find many original open-air pools and fountains.

Not so long ago the castle of Rambouillet was one of residences of the President of the French Republic, but from 2009 this is a museum.

Excursions across the historic complex of Rambouillet starts at 10:00 a.m. You can get here by train from Montparnasse station. Though, it’s better to go there by car because there are some other castles worth visiting, and the famous Versailles is on the same way.

Have a nice time!