Back to the Middle Ages – Provins

Ladies and gentlemen, in this our new material we are continuing our series of articles about interesting places located in the environs of Paris, which you can visit during your vacation in the French capital. Today we talk about the town of Provins located a half hour drive from the city on the Seine. Today its population is only about twelve thousand inhabitants, but do not think that this is just a banal provincial French town. Provins is a cultural heritage of the global significance by UNESCO. And if you – a lover of the Middle Ages and everything connected with it, so Provins must be on the map of your French route.

If someone thinks that you can see the medieval France in Paris, it is a very big mistake, because almost all in the capital has been ruthlessly removed by the legendary Parisian prefect Baron Haussmann in the second half of the nineteenth century. There are only individual churches and buildings. So, the lovers of the history of the Middle Ages have to go far inland, where the hands of the charismatic city planner (Haussmann) did not reach.

The old part of the town of Provins with ancient stone houses and narrow streets are on a low hill. Perhaps, the only reminders of the presence are the cars standing on the roadside.

Generally, in Provins the tourists can see quite a lot of architectural objects relating to the 11 – 12 centuries, which makes it very attractive for the fans of the medieval culture. Exactly here one of the oldest types of architectural designs of buildings, distinguished with vaulted ceilings, is represented.

Today Provins has nearly sixty historic monuments, among them are numerous fortifications belonging to different ages and styles, the tower of Caesar, underground galleries, vaults, the ancient church of St. Ayul (11th century), the Museum of Provins.

Also the annual festivals of the medieval culture with falconry, tournaments, theatrical performances.

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