Pont Notre-Dame

We will continue speaking about Paris, to be exact about one of its most beautiful bridges which that crosses the Seine in Paris to city center – the Île de la Cité. Pont Notre-Dame – the bridge with a famous name and history will be the center of our attention today.

The Parisian bridge Pont Notre-Dame has been constructed in the beginning of the fifteenth century as an inhabited street (in general, it was peculiar to bridges of Paris) and connected aforementioned island with the right coast of the Seine a little above on the current from the well-known Pont au Change. So it has staid about a hundred years before it has been replaced by other construction, but the old bridge still remained.

That is remarkable that both bridges have continued to remain important for many Parisians who for business affairs moved from “the big” earth to the island, some had lived there.

The first of Notre-Dame bridges represented a grandiose extended construction which was quite often used for original parades during holidays. Local residents even named it Triumphal. However after one of celebratory actions during which the construction collapsed and killed lots of inhabitants of the capital, the main Parisian architect was ordered to design and erect the second bridge. This expert Fra Giovanni Giocondo constructed the new bridge from stone, it had in twenty four meters’ width and hundred twenty four meter’s length.

As we already marked, the French bridges of that time were high-grade inhabited and business streets. The same corresponded to the new bridge with numerous little shops owners of which lived on the top floors of the same buildings where they had shops. Besides, under the decision of the architects, all show-windows of shops on the new bridge had identical size.

In shops of local dealers there was a brisk trade in the goods for all tastes. Here it was always possible to find food, clothes, weapons, works of painting, products of jewelers and perfumers, medicine, in general, everything that could be necessary for local residents. Parisians with pleasure visited the bridge in hope to buy the necessary goods. For example, here was located the tiny boutique of the marchand-mercier Edme-François Gersaint – an art gallery which was so popular that in its memory it was decided to immortalise the special memorable tablet which said “The Signboard of Gersaint”.

As well as the old, the new Pont Notre-Dame was the place for celebratory walks and processions. So, in 1531 the future wife of the king of France François I has driven through it to Paris.

The following repair of the new Pont Notre-Dame has been carried out in 1660 before the wedding celebrations of the queen Maria Theresa of Spain and the well-known king Louis XIV.

Exactly after hundred years all inhabited and trading constructions have been taken down from the bridge, and it began to carry out its direct duties: transport moving and pedestrians walking easy.

Pont Notre-Dame remains this way up to this day, and being in the city on the Seine visit this beautiful historical place.