Park Asterix – merry madness for the whole family

When we talk about France, which persons do you remember? Surely, someone remember Napoleon, Count of Monte Cristo, famous musketeers of Dumas… But we also often associate the country with such characters as Asterix and Obelix, who has got their worldwide fame due to famous comics, cartoons and movies, where such famous actors as Christian Clavier, Gerard Depardieu, Alain Delon, Monica Bellucci had participated. Obelix and Asterix are very popular not only in France and have millions of fans around the world.

Since these legendary characters are loved by people, the interesting Park Asterix with lots of exciting rides and other pleasures for children and adults was built near Paris. In comparison to Parisian Disneyland, the Park Asterix, of course, is inferior in size and number of entertainments, but at the same time it is more emotional. Everything here is filled with real French colour. The Park is not so well-known, that’s why the majority of its visitors are residents of Paris and its suburbs, tourists are relatively few. But this is an additional advantage, since, coming here, you do not see large queues.

So, what attractive is in the park Asterix? Visiting this great place, you will be able to touch the amazing history of the Gauls (a part of the French – the direct descendants of this ancient people), make a fascinating journey through time, taste favorite Gallic dishes, fly up to the clouds.

The park has five separate parts: the village of ancient Gauls, Roman Empire, ancient Greece, medieval France and the land of Vikings.


In the village of Gauls nearly all is associated with a movie, dedicated to Asterix and Obelix. Everywhere there are little shops with all sorts of symbols and accessories, fairy-tale snack bars with unique Paris delicacies, where all the dishes are decorated with the comics heroes. Shops with candy floss, roasted chestnuts, candy and ice cream are open for children. Adults can learn about the ancient Gallic cuisine (delicious sausages, traditional cheeses, wines and other dainties) in a restaurant in this part of the park.

All major holidays are also in Gallic village, there is a cinema and a big circus. The park offers you boating on the river with the decorations on ancient boats, slides, cars and carousels. But even a usual walk will bring you a great pleasure.

Ancient Greece attracts visitors who are interested in more extreme rest. Here you can ride on the magnificent roller-coaster “Journey to Zeus” with sharp turns and almost vertical slopes. Do not miss the Theatre of Poseidon with a wonderful Dolphinarium and taste delicious hot sandwich with feta cheese, tomatoes and olives at the tavern of Dionysus.

In the Roman section of the park Asterix there is an amazing attraction Caesar, where large screens show the guests funny scenes with the visitors, welcoming speech is said from the podium by Gaius Julius Caesar. And all the action is completed with a colorful journey through the lands of the Roman Empire in 3D quality.

On the territory of Vikings a big galley will ride you on waves and a park amusement Goudurix arrange the journey to the clouds. Vikings territory has several attractive carousels, many beautiful statues and pictures.

Crazy original carousels, swings, an old fortress, a large fountain and numerous shops wait for you in the medieval France. In the central square you will see a public execution, and during it guests can play the roles of prisoners or hangmen. At the end of the execution – barbecue, circus performances. In this part there is the dragon’s cave and the castle’s dungeons, where monsters and ghosts live.

Eventually, we should say that the park Asterix is just a great place for interesting family vacation with original park amusements, colorful shows, fantastic food. So, if you will have free time, be sure to visit this beautiful, “crazy” and unusual park. It is located only thirty kilometers from Paris.

Park Asterix hours of service: 10:00 – 18:00 (April – June) and 10:00 – 19:00 (June – October).