Parisians give visitors of the city free tours

No boring and tired of typical tours guides. These tours give banal stories from brochures for tourists, and barely as a backdrop for exciting legends what more truthful than the official history. Legends… As about familiar to everyone sights as about people, houses, streets, cafes and shops, about which you would not know anything ever.

You will not find an usual polite boredom on the faces of your friends when you show photos from your trip and tell them about what you saw, heard, tasted. You’ll see only interest – and, of course, the admiring, but strong, envy. And for you such a trip will not be just to report: “I’ve been in Paris, so ready to die”.

Since 2007 ordinary Parisians offer free tours for visitors of the City of love, art and fashion. People – for whom this is not a reason to make money, but a way to express their respects to Paris. However, a small donation, which you will be asked to do at the end, will help this great idea to develop.

The organization with a philosophical title “Parisian for a day” – today it is more than two hundred people, and every year they become more and more. People who are fortunate to be born and live in the French capital, able to tell an exciting story of her (his) district.

Last year these Parisians organized more than a thousand of these excursions for almost four thousand visitors from various countries. You have also a chance to be among the lucky ones this year.

If you are interested in such tours you can find your guide on

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