Parisian hikes by motorickshaw

To hide behind a glass of a tourist bus or to die from fatigue after hiking in the French capital? Franckly speaking, an excellent compromise between these two extremes has appeared last year. TukTuk – rickshaws – more than usual on the streets of the East, now they are rooting in Paris.

Last autumn they were ousted from the French squares and boulevards for a short time by rains, but in this winter the original cabs got roofs and has returned to the city streets.

The routes of Paris rickshaws include the major sights like Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysees, Place Vendome and much more. For the first time visitors they offer the Grand Tour – during a two and a half hours you will be all the major monuments of the city. The cost of this tour – 140 euros.

Advanced guests of Paris can offer a suitable route for shopping or exploring the sights by themselves, and a personal driver will carry you for 60 euros per hour. There are cheaper options. For example, a tour through the most romantic and majestic places of the French capital. This service will cost 45-80 euros. A newly married couple, of course, will be offered a special version of the hike in the city of love.

By the way, in addition to the originality and care about the environment TukTuk is also a way not to break the impression of Paris, stucking in a traffic jam on a halfway to the next attraction. Congestion on the roads are frequent thing for the city which lives an active life.

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