Parisian Carousels

In the minds of millions people around the world Paris is a city of romance and couples in love – and this is true. The city has a huge number of beautiful places as if intended for lovers. And speaking of that it is impossible not to say about Parisian carousels.

Waltzes of Edith Piaf or Jacques Brel, colorful tents, unique illumination, children’s laughter – all this is the carousels in Paris with their amazing atmosphere. So, Paris – a city of lovers and carousels. Totally Paris has more than thirty carousels and before the Christmas and New Year in all districts of the city (except the 1st and 2nd) carousels with wooden horses are installed. Children and adults can enjoy riding on them until the 3rd of January.

Merry-go-round attractions were known from the ancient Byzantium. They came to France due to the Crusaders, returning from the Crusades. And surprisingly, quickly carousels replaced in the country very popular tournaments. One of the biggest fan of carousels was King Louis XIV who had liked to organize this entertainment on the square near the Louvre (it’s called Place du Carrousel now). And if at that time the carousel was a fun for the monarch and the aristocracy, from the nineteenth century it became a public attraction.

The most popular Paris carousels are located near such famous sights as the Eiffel Tower, Sacré-Coeur, Republic Square, Vincennes forest, and many constructions are unique and have a long history.

Paris (as all European) carousels are fundamentally different from their “brothers” from America. Rotation of the European attractions is by counter-clockwise, and American – clockwise.