Paris, what don’t we know about you?

We already have written many interesting materials about the French capital and we will continue to acquaint you with Paris, telling about historic facts, culture and traditions of Parisians, the best places which can be visited being in the city.

Paris is the first of all cities of the world by quantity of the tourists, annually coming to take pleasure in local color and sights. For today there is a lot of information which continues to remain known exclusively in narrow circles of local residents. Many of us know much about Tour Eiffel, the Louvre, Arch Triomphe, but in this article we will bring to your attention some interesting facts about which even few inhabitants of the capital of France know, and we hope that it will appear interesting to you. So, we will begin.

For many foreigners Paris associates with such grandiose construction, as Tour Eiffel which has been constructed in 1889. It is known to almost each adult; however, very few people know that the design initially reflected no more, as an exhibit for the World fair. Gustave Eiffel in the engineering project gave the tower no more than twenty years of operation, but when this time has passed municipal authorities of Paris have decided not to take it down. And today the well-known construction is a tourist object and the important element of telecommunications of the city.

One more interesting historical fact is that the first bared female striptease is noted on stage of an entertaining institution in this city in 1894. Thus, besides, that in the end of performance the woman remained naked, it didn’t have anything else in common with the modern one.

All of us consider Paris as a capital of modern fashion, a city loving writers, poets and artists, we consider it as monastery of all fine. And the few can know that the main French city has been designed so that it was convenient to conduct operations against a possible aggressor in it. And if to look narrowly at city streets you will find very few wide prospectuses, there are very narrow small streets which are much easier to barricade and make unsuitable for military technology moving. The idea of such architecturally-communication modernization of capital belongs to emperor Napoleon III, and it came to his mind in the middle of the century before last.

Modern Paris is called “the city of light”. It is not obliged by this name of the modern illumination. The name has appeared much earlier, at the time when the city was one of the main European centers of culture, philosophies, arts and education. This honorable name has been appropriated to the city as   the present light of culture of the country and the whole continent.

At last one of the most amusing statuses of the capital of France. Many people consider Paris as the most sexual city of the world; accordingly, Parisians appear the most loveful inhabitants of the planet.

It’s a small part from that bottomless well of what Paris is famous, and we will constantly open   new interesting facts of life and stories of this magnificent city for our readers.