Paris – the grey rose of the European garden

Probably, for someone it will appear news, but Paris is the city most popular with tourists in the world. Annually here come a bigger number of people from different countries, than to such popular tourist centers as London, Athens, Madrid or Berlin.

Someone can tell that it is not surprising, because in capital of France the huge set of the sights known all over the world (Versailles, the Louvre, Tour Eiffel, Arch Triomphe and others) is concentrated. However, it is not absolutely true, as many people visit Paris in search of sentimentality. Knowingly it is called as “the holiday that stays with you” or “the city of enamored”, and those who happened to be there confirm it.

In any case to manage to understand a city, it is necessary to know its history. History of Paris is ancient and in many respects amazing. According to historians the pioneer settlement on the Seine has appeared in the beginning of the first century AD and was called Lutetia inhabited by the Gaulish tribe known as the Parisii. Later the city has passed to Romans, has survived through a lot of bright and not so bright moments, and as a result has turned to the capital of France under the name Paris.

As for the geographical component of the city, initially people have occupied island Île de la Cité, and only when its population became big, have started to master both banks of the Seine. Thus each Parisian area always differed from others, and in this city there is no centre as it usually happens in cities.

Many artists and poets perceive and represent Paris in their work in the form of a rose, and it represents the facts. Paris really has the beauty of the magnificent blossomed rose; unique difference here is in its color. The main color of the city is grey. But, only it is not necessary to think that grayness is a definition of this great city for it does not represent the facts. Grey Parisian color has huge set of shades, from yellow to blue.

As well as any other rose, Paris has petals and thorns. Safe city districts with numerous sights are possible to call the petals, and poor quarters which for today are populated with emigrants and their descendants can be called the thorns.

For any city located on the river, the important role is played by its banks. In Paris it is the banks of the Seine. Initially bigger attention was given to the right bank, monarchs and notable grandees erected their magnificent palaces, acknowledgement of what are the Louvre and Pale Royal. Time passed, priorities varied. At some instant interest to the right bank has died away a little, and all significant events occurred already on the left bank of the Seine. Later all has returned into its place.

But, we will return to our days. So, you are in Paris … to receive a sheer pleasure from the city, do not feel sorry for footwear and go … go across it on foot. Leave the transport for Parisians; for tourists it is not necessary as it is so much interesting to miss. There is a big set of routes in Paris, and it’s up to you where to go, what to see.

We will not list all noteworthy sights of Paris. You will easily find it in other articles. Walk across the city, enjoy it … And if suddenly you understand, that you have not seen all Paris, it becomes the reason to return here again!