Paris, Montmartre, and you!

Magnificent, bewitching, gorgeous, amazing, grasping… How many words it is possible to apply to the unique place on the Earth which is able to bring unique emotions, make you look at the world in an absolutely new fashion, to transform your most secret desires into a reality. There is no need in guessing, what these words are about – concern one of the finest cities on our planet – Paris.

Paris is fine in all displays, it is equally magnificent any time of the year, you will always find something new in it, something surprising, subdue, amorous, remaining in memory for ever.

And if someone tells you that in Paris it is necessary to visit this or that place, do not doubt and take the person’s word for truth. The only thing, remember that Paris is never limited to a certain set of places and sights; Paris is interesting in each single moment. The Tour Eiffel, the Place Charles de Gaulle and the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Élysées, the Louvre, Versailles is only a top of an iceberg of that magnificence for which the French capital is famous.

If you have creative and romantic nature you will also open the unique Paris for yourselves pleasing you with the unique colors. And we suggest you begin with the well-known Montmartre – glorious mansion of art and its attendants. This article is dedicated to it.

Montmartre – is the highest area of Paris located on a hill visible from any part of this city, and the whole city is visible from it. Montmartre gets its special beauty with the sunrise the beams of which give it a unique charm and appeal.

Historically this area of Paris is inseparably linked with art and its adherents. Since nineteenth century, Montmartre is a peculiar “Mecca” for representatives of the world of art – poets and artists, musicians and writers. In due time such known all over the world people, as Jean Corot, Berlioz, Georges Seurat, Theodore Gericault, Auguste Renoir, Pablo Picasso and Van Gogh were inhabitants of local places. And each of these great masters has contributed to glorification of Montmartre by means of the pieces of art – present masterpieces of world art. Montmartre got additional colors by other part of its life – bohemian cabarets, salons of exotic dances and, at last, brothels – art and debauchery always had joined hands, it is in the human nature.

Nowadays Montmartre is not the place where it is possible to meet artists fascinatingly narrating about the new pictures behind a glass of absinthe liqueur; eventually they have found new places for realization of their creative impulses. But, even becoming a tourist point on the map of Paris, Montmartre remains extremely interesting. Opportunely is to recollect Maurice Utrillo – the artist was never interested in the bohemian component of the hill; he simply drew its streets, empty and deserted, cheerful and noisily crowded, but always attractive and charming. This person simply loved the Montmartre.

In general, you can find a lot of interesting places, including a majestic temple towering on eighty meters, Cimetiere de Montmartre (Montmartre cemetery), original small restaurants and bistro and the well-known cabaret Moulin Rouge and many other things.

There is no need describing everything Montmartre is famous for; it is impossible to describe in words what you can see with your own eyes, touch, and inhale with your lungs. Our advice is to visit Paris, to climb up Montmartre and … to take pleasure!