Paris is not the best place for daydreamers

Perhaps, all of us know that France is a popular place for holiday for many tourists from around the world. Also there is very remarkable fact – every year the country gets in several times more tourists than its own population. In this aspect France is an unique state. However, along with this remarkable statistic there is another – much less attractive… Every year in France the police registers a growing number of travelers affected from local criminals (usually it is connected with thefts).

It’s unexpectedly that the first who became to sound the alarm on this occasion were Chinese media. Some years ago they called on their countrymen to abandon tours to Paris and other French cities exactly because of a rising crime. As the Chinese have published this information on the eve of selecting a country of 2008 Olympics (Paris was a rival of Beijing) so French authorities did not take this seriously. But a little later the same data began to be published in American and British press, which also recognized unprecedented increase of robberies of tourists in Paris. In this case journalists from many respected mass-media suggest that “criminals feel comfortable and confident even in the daytime, and travelers are forced to be in fear constantly”.

Excepting pickpocketing the number of robberies on the roads. If at crossroads in other European countries cars are interested for people with water and brush, in present France for burglars with a gun.

Of course, many people visited Paris and had no such troubles, and can say that all these are machinations of competitors to lure tourists to himself. However, statistics is a stubborn thing. Even French president Nicolas Sarkozy has acknowledged that in recent years we can see increase of crime and most crimes – robbery and theft. The Head of State notes that this is largely due to influx of criminal elements to France from such countries as Bulgaria and Romania, adopted in European Union not so long ago and their citizens got opportunity to travel visa-free.

Almost every day in front of doors of police stations in Paris there are dozens of foreign tourists, who were deprived of things, money and documents. This situation, of course, is not pleased for the city authorities, because the image of Paris (as one of the most attractive tourist destinations) was damaged. But at the same time, no action can finally eradicate theft until the tourists themselves will not comply with basic safety precautions caring for maintaining their property. Because the vast majority of thefts, sorry for the frankness, are possible because of banal “gullibility”.

From our side we would like to advise all tourists not to refuse to visit France come to Paris. Just during visiting Louvre or Eiffel Tower, traveling on subway and buses to be more careful, not to attract thieves showing your valuables, money and credit cards. Then, believe, the risk of being robbed would be minimal and your trip to Paris will be wonderful and safe.

Good luck!