Parc Floral de Paris – adornment of Bois de Vincennes

We have already offered you a material about the famous Bois de Vincennes – one of the symbols of Paris, a significant part of the history of this great city. Today we would like to say a few words about the park Floral de Paris (Parc Floral de Paris) – the part of Bois de Vincennes. Moreover, Floral de Paris is one of the most attractive parts of the forest as for Parisians as for the thousands of tourists coming to town.

The history of park Floral de Paris is relatively small, it was founded only in 1969 (as we know Bois de Vincennes has a long history), but nevertheless this Parisian place had become very popular in short time.

The experts from several botanical gardens of Paris, already existed at that time, have been actively involved in the creation of Parc Floral de Paris. Due to various scientists who worked at the foundation of the park, the present-day visitors could admire the thematic gardens. So, the park has the eastern “bonsai” garden, a garden with Mediterranean plants, a garden of medicinal plants garden and a garden of various kinds of ivy…

Being in the Park Floral de Paris you should visit the garden of “four seasons”, where more than a thousand species of flowers grow. In a separate “garden of butterflies” the lovers of these winged creatures will be able to see the representatives of several dozen species. This garden is open all the year round.

Besides the thematic gardens there are many opportunities for active recreation (ping-pong tables, children’s playgrounds, places for a popular in France petanque, volleyball, boat station, climbing wall, etc.) in the Parc Floral de Paris.

Almost regularly you can see such events as concerts, theatrical performances, flower shows, traditional Parisian Jazz Festival, Festival Classique Au Vert in the park.

For lovers of flora and fauna a special library, offering more than six thousand interesting books, is opened in the Parc Floral de Paris.

The doors of the park are opened to all residents of Paris and the guests of the city all the year round.

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