Parc Andre Citroen

Reasoning from the name, someone can possibly think that this place is an exhibition of vehicles of the famous French car company Citroen. But, in reality it is a beautiful green park in the French capital – Paris, and besides one of the youngest in the city. Parc Andre Citroen was founded at the end of the last century and today it is a part of the modern architectural ensemble.

Once upon a time the fishing port Zhavel was in this part of Paris, but in the first quarter of the 20th century this place was chosen for his business by the famous businessman Andre Citroen, who organized a factory for the production of military armament on the place of the old port. However, the time is always changing, and especially in business, throwing down new challenges to people. And it happened in the case of our hero, who refocused the activities of its plant to produce motor transport. Production of cars in this venture continued until 1972, after the assembly lines were moved to other cities.

Twenty years after, in 1992 on the site where the plant of one of the flagships of the French auto industry was located, a new modern city park, named after the legendary industrialist, had been founded. Parc Andre Citroen. Such famous architects as Patrick Berger, Gilles Clement and Alain Provost worked on the creation of the park which occupies an area of fourteen hectares.

Entering the park, we see two huge greenhouses (the height of each of them is fifteen meters), harboring a beautiful palm trees, orange trees and the splendid Mediterranean garden. Big esplanade with natural herbs is cut with artificial streams flowing into the famous River Seine. On the sides there are improvised squares. Between the greenhouses we can observe a peristyle of the original fountains whose jets, spurting from the earth, change the height to the accompaniment of music. This show looks very impressive and does not leave guests of the Parc Andre Citroen indifferent.

But do not think that the beauties of the park were ended. In fact, Andre Citroen park includes a number of thematic parts, based on a common basic idea. The straight diagonal path which divides it into two parts goes through the park. On one side there are thematic gardens, and on the other – the channel with the grottoes. Moving through this channel, you’ll rotate the cool grottoes with open spaces. Along the whole way the very remarkable sculptures are set.

Returning to the thematic gardens, we have to say that in the Park of Andre Citroen there are six. They all have the same territorial boundaries, but inside have their own uniqueness. The names of these gardens are the colors: gold, silver, red, orange, green and blue. To admire the beauty of theme gardens you can as from the lower level as rising to a special gallery.

Six gardens… Sorry, it’s not the whole truth, because there are other gardens in the park, such as the “Garden of metamorphoses” (everything here is dedicated to the ancient human desire to turn lead into gold), “Garden of movement” (it is represented with a peculiar mix of cultivated plants with weeds, but believe me it looks just great), “Moss Garden” (here you will plunge into the world of coolness).

Being in the Park of Andre Citroen, visit the “Black Garden”, located at the bottom of the park terrain with coniferous vegetation, originally combined with a white stone. If you get here in the spring, you will be able to see the flowering of the black tulips.

There is and “White Garden”, located in the lower part. Here, basing on the right of the name, the white flowers grow where there are many benches, popular among loving couples.

Designers of park landscape have decided not to demolish the building of the old factory and today it is an interesting composition of glass, reflections and geometry.

In addition to walking, in the Park of Andre Citroen you can take a fascinating flight on the balloon and see the park from a height.

Regardless of the season the Parc Andre Citroen is always full of visitors, and it is especially noticeable at the weekend, when Parisians come here with their families after working days.

Parc Andre Citroen is located near the subway stations Balard and Javel.