Palace of Malmaison – the last home of Josephine

If during your stay in Paris you have visited all the sights you were interested in, and just missing in a rented apartment, so set out to explore suburbs of the city, since there is a lot of them.

Take a rental car and drive, for example, to the Palace of Malmaison, which is only in a few kilometers from the French capital in a very picturesque place – forest Préaux. The palace itself is relatively small, but very pleasant, and, what the most importantly, has an interesting history.

We know practically everything about the life of the great Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and almost nothing about his life partner – Madame Josephine. But exactly here this legendary woman, who inspired the most famous Corsican in the history to his various exploits, had lived.

Bonaparte has also often held weekends at Malmaison with his sweetheart at the time of the consulate from 1800 to 1804 years. And if to believe the memoirs of the Emperor’s private secretary, only here Napoleon was himself.

After her divorce with Bonaparte and until the death Josephine continued to live in the palace, giving herself fully for care for a wonderful rose garden and occasionally taking in the apartment the emperor.

Today the palace of Malmaison is a museum, embodying a striking example of architectural style of the First Empire, as well as showing visitors glass, chinaware, clothes and personal belongings of Josephine.

To get to the palace you can not only by car but also using a public transport. Reach the metro station La Defense (line 1) and there transfer a bus number 258 and move to the stop Malmaison.

The Malmaison Palace is open to the public from April to September during daylight hours.

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