Notre Dame de Paris – the pearl of Paris!

Among numerous well-known statements about Paris, scattered worldwide, it is possible to allocate ingenious Chopin words that in short but absolutely precisely characterize this remarkable city: «Paris is everything you want!»

The capital of France is always ready to please any traveler with the magnificent curve small streets, monumental constructions, grandiose parkways, magnificent restaurants, extravagant little shops, cozy cafes, well-known theatres and concert halls, and at the same time to surprise with the beggars and the homeless, the fallen actors and musicians. All this diversity also makes what we call in a word… Paris! As they say, «to see Paris and to die…»

However, in Paris, as well as in any other ancient city of this planet it is always possible to allocate several peculiar places and sights.

If London is Big Ben or Westminster Abbey, Moscow – Red Square and Vasily Blazhennogo’s Cathedral, then Paris is certainly, Notre-Dame – the Cathedral of ‘Our Lady of Paris’ (in French) which was so beautifully glorified in a novel of the same name by the great son of the French people Victor Hugo. And if you have visited Paris and did not see this cathedral it is possible to tell that you did not see Paris.

Notre Dame de Paris cathedral has huge architecturally-cultural and historical value for France. The beginning of construction of the Cathedral is dated by historians about 1160 year when Paris has received the status of the capital of France. For this reason the erected construction was initially planned as extraordinary grandiose monument of architecture. This is displayed in this masterpiece of the medieval architecture.

Thus, the height of towers erected without additional spikes, makes sixty eight (68!) meters. The chimeras, these centuries-old security guards of a cathedral, still amaze the viewer imagination after its reconstruction in XIX century. The Cathedral consists of five naves under arches of which the French monarchs uplifted their prayers to God on the threshold of military campaigns, marriage and coronation. One of the remarkable facts is that Napoleon has named himself the Emperor of France in this cathedral, having allowed its walls embody another great historical event.

Of course, if to speak directly about architectural features of Notre Dame de Paris it is natural that only three windows from medieval stained-glass (called roses in architectural circles) have remained nowadays. Although the Cathedral was repeatedly exposed to various alterations and reconstruction during its thousand-year history, it remains one of the brightest architectural constructions erected in Europe in the Middle Ages.

In any case, visiting Paris, it is impossible to avoid the Cathedral constructed in honor of the patroness of this city.