Notre Dame Cathedral in Chartres

The French town of Chartres had long been known for its bazaars, but the main adornment and its hallmark is the majestic Notre Dame Cathedral. Where are no mistake, this is the name of the main church in Chartres. Do not be surprised, because many churches in France have this name, not just the famous temple in Paris.

Notre Dame of Chartres, built in the twelfth century, still continues to gladden local residents and thousands of travelers from all over the world by its magnificent architecture. It is truly amazing, because after eight hundred years, the cathedral continues to astonish us by its massive stone walls and beautiful stained glass. And the secret of this long-living architectural monument remains unsolved even today.

Construction of the temple was started in 1194 at the place which had been considered sacred many centuries before. This is confirmed that people, trying to use the earth energy, in prehistoric times created on the territory of modern Chartres the dolmen – a specific stone structure with a roof of a large flat boulder. The ancient inhabitants of the area believed that the incoming under the vaults of the dolmen person gets a new life from natural power of the Earth.

At the time of druids this place was occuped by a school where people had got knowledge and experience of the elders. The symbol of that era – a wooden statue of a young woman with a baby, called the Virgin under the Earth, was found by archaeologists here. Exactly this holy land became a place where the first church of the Virgin Mary was built.

According to the ancient legend, the architectural skills, used in the construction of a new church, had come from the East with the Knights Templar, participated in the Crusades. And the construction of the cathedral took stone masons, sculptors, glassmakers and other masters thirty years. The first sanctuary of the church was located between the second and third pillars, 37 meters below – the sacred well of the Druids, and on the same feet up – the highest point of the dome of this masterpiece of Gothic architecture.

Despite the fact that Notre Dame has amazing symmetry, nobody of the researchers cannot say with certainty how the symmetry of the temple was originally conceived, or maybe the builders got it accidentally. But, nevertheless cathedral gives indescribable experience. There is an opinion that the church at Chartres is able to provide a very strong effect on people, elevating his (her) spirit, using energy of the Earth.

So, is it real or not, you can see only if you will visit this place by yourself. Maybe Notre Dame in Chartres is not the most refined French cathedral in terms of architecture, but that it has an unforgettable charm – it is the fact.