Would you be so kind to stop by this house… Night buses in Paris will stop by passengers request

How often, going by bus, would we like the bus to stop at the place we need, not riding the next bus stop? What about if it’s a night time, and you are in an unfamiliar city?

And there is a nice news from Paris! Local authorities decided to make an experiment (started in the beginning of February) – buses, which work in the capital at night, will stop not only in fixed bus stops but by passengers’ request as well.

So far that will be vehicles of ten routes, however, in the case of success, this practice can be used for all hight buses in Paris.

The Government of Ile-de-France considers this step will allow residents and visitors of the capital and its suburbs to get home more quickly and reduce the risk of becoming a victim of robbery, violence and other crimes.

Good initiative! Let’s wish the experiment to be really successful.