Never give up!

Sometimes we dream of an interesting vacation in distant lands where it is always sunny and “many, many wild apes”. But… having slapped our pockets, we realize that we lack money bonds and shovel this idea to the back burner. It’s really sad. 🙁

Nevertheless, as one legendary literary character said, “There are no desperate situations”!

This tiny weasel from a London park, whose photo spread all over the world literally a day or two ago, argues that there is always a solution, the main thing is to have a desire to travel! 🙂

Want to Paris, Roma, Madrid or any another place on the Earth? Never give up! Seek the options, as our world is full of possibilities, and many of them are so close that we need just to make a little jump, what was shown by the example of this teeny animal which had straddled the same small woodpecker.

Dream more, and catch your chance!

Photo by Martin Le-May