Pride of France — its National library

It is a lot of notes we already have brought to your attention at our resource, devoted to numerous interesting sights of the French capital, including restaurants, museums, and objects of architecture. Now it would be desirable to tell some words about such significant establishment for each country, as National library. In any state the similar place is the main collection of everything connected to the national culture stated on pages of books. The National library of France has incorporated the majority of manuscripts of almost all poets, writers, historians and politicians of the country. The state concerns the daughters and the sons who have left a trace in its stories with great respect. But, we will depart from pathos and look at this monument of history under slightly other corner.

To begin with we will tell that there is nothing surprising that the National library of France located in Paris represents the fullest collection of all literature ever published in French all over the world. It is the greatest library in the country.

Since the moment of its foundation Bibliothèque Nationale (and it has been founded in 1368 by King Charles V and was called, as one would expect, the Royal library) was close to Palais Royal in the Rue de Richelieu and occupied some of the most beautiful buildings constructed for legendary cardinal Mazarini. Today the majority of manuscripts of the state library is stored no longer here, however its main value has remained on Rue de Richelieu. These are valuable manuscripts and Cabinet des Médailles. For the first time inhabitants of France and its visitors have received access to library halls  more than in three centuries after its foundation — in 1692. And the first public has been noted by historians in 1793. Since that year the library has received the status of a public place.

The main modern storehouse of the literary collection settles down in four high-rise towers constructed on the left coast of the Seine in the thirteenth district of Paris. This branch of National library of France is constructed in the form of the opened books and it is dedicated to one of the most legendary presidents of the country François Mitterand, whose name actually it carries. For today Bibliothèque Nationale is the establishment submitted to the Ministry of culture of the French republic. Its main mission is preservation of all literary works published in France and granting of access to citizens and visitors of the country to books in the magnificent halls. However, it is necessary to remember that not only French editions are collected in this place; here you will find a great number of books from all corners of the world — from China to America.

We won’t  describe the architectural features of National library of France as its main value are books which are millions in number here, and everyone interested will find any interesting printing and hand-written editions.