Amusement park Napoleonland will be opened near Paris

Napoleonland – even the name of this theme park, which will be built near Paris in coming years, says that its creators are going to take away a part of glory of the famous Disneyland.

Entertaining complex, conceived in honor of the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, will locate in a very symbolic place – in the town of Montereau near Paris. Exactly here Napoleon won a symbolic victory over Russian and Austrian armies in the distant 1814.

The author of an idea of this new park is the former French Minister for Overseas Territories and a great lover of history – Yves Jego. According Mr. Jego, Napoleonland «will be perfect for a family recreation”.

Program of the new French amusement park, of course, will be composed of various “military” performances.

One of the shows, which is sure to become a highlight of Napoleonland, – reconstruction of the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 – the decisive naval battle of the Napoleonic wars times, when Admiral Nelson had defeated the Franco-Spanish navy.

Also the creators of the park will recreate the events of the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. Napoleon’s defeat in this battle led to the collapse of his Empire.

Construction of the park will begin in 2014, the cost of the project is 180 million euros. And if the works to be on schedule Napoleonland will open its doors to the first visitors in 2017.