In Paris there are many places inseparably linked with the history of art — whose centre the city on the Seine was always. The same concerns to Paris quarter of Montparnasse, which was a favorite place of students who had come here for recital of their poems. Actually the quarter got its modern name in honor of mythical Greek Mount Parnassus – habitat of muses.

However, not only Parisian students enjoyed spending time in this part of the city. Thus, in the late nineteenth century Montparnasse became a haven of writers, poets and artists, attracted by low prices for rental housing. A little later – in the 20-s years of the last century – it was possible to meet the representatives of cultural intelligence from all over the world here (one building in the quarter even received a non-trivial name «Hive» (La Ruche)).

Besides artists the numerous political immigrants as, for example, Russian revolutionaries Lenin and Trotsky or former Mexican president Porfirio Diaz, lived here at various times.

Unfortunately, time does not spare anything, the same happened and with Montparnasse. After the Second World War the quarter has lost its glory of a bohemian district and over time became a business district of Paris. And where the old railway station previously stood, the Montparnasse Tower had been built. Now it towers above the city for more than two hundred meters and has 56 floors of offices. Perhaps, the only romanticism of the building is its restaurant on the roof.

Speaking on other bright sights of Montparnasse, firstly Small and Big hotels of Montparnasse can be remembered, where the Museum of Ernest Hebert and the Embassy of Mali are situated respectively. Also we should pay attention to the old Catholic college of Stanislas (College Stanislas), named so in honor of King Louis XVIII. Stanislas was his middle name.

Moreover, the quarter has a relatively interesting architecture, many pleasant cafes and bistros, shops.

So, be sure to take a walk around Montparnasse, believe, you will enjoy!