Mont Saint-Michel – majestic monastery of archangel Michael

We welcome our readers on pages of our site and we continue to place information on remarkable places and interesting sights of Paris and other areas of France. Mont Saint-Michel – the well-known Norman fortress, high walls of which have rich history and amaze of tourists from various corners of the world with its greatness.

To reach the island on which the fortress is located, you should do a considerable way among various landscapes, sea and rocks. Having appeared on seacoast, the magnificent picture consisting of numerous elements collected in one correct and majestic pyramid of a fortress will open before your sight. To get on island it is necessary to pass about two kilometers on the artificial dam connecting the island fortress with the seacoast.

In general this place has many legends composing the history of Mont Saint-Michel. So, according to one of them, in the beginning of the eighteenth century St. Aubert, bishop of Avranches has beheld of Archangel Michael (Michel in French) in his dream. At first the church attendant has mistrustfully concerned this sign, for what according to the legend he has been punished by sacred Michel (he has strongly pointed a finger on the head of the bishop). And, to immortalize this case in history, there had been the first architectural object – sacred Michael’s basil – constructed on the island. Believe it or not, however the skull of canonized in a consequence bishop Aubert has a big dent.

Two centuries has passed and the island has been transferred to the possession of Order of Saint Benedict. Here the new abbey has been based and the grandiose building which fruits we have possibility to enjoy has begun. The times of Benedictines presence are reminded be an ancient crypt which has a loud name of “Notre Dame underground”.

As to directly sacred Michael in the history of the Christian world he is a special character as this sacred is not an ordinary archangel, he is the archangel-defender. And it is Michael, according to an ancient prophecy who will be the leading warrior of heavenly army during the last battle between light and darkness.

Besides this the Lord has charged to Michael to be some kind of “a conductor of souls”, accompanying righteous persons in paradise, protecting those from attacks of demons.

It is quite probable that the temples devoted to Michael were often erected in a high hilly terrain exactly because of the role of this archangel. As well Mont Saint-Michel: the spike of its temple towers on more than 150 meters and comes to the end with Michael-defender’s figure with a sword in his hand.

The monastery has been built throughout a time interval from the eleventh till the sixteenth century. Generations of people changed, one architectural style replaced the other, and Mont Saint-Michel continued being built, becoming bigger and bigger.

For today it is a place for numerous pilgrims coming here to touch numerous sacred relics.