Paris region is a fairly large area and has many interesting tourist destinations. Not only in Paris you can find beautiful sights worthy of travelers attention. Unfortunately, most tourists leave the capital seldom during their vacations, although in fact the neighborhood of Paris can offer a lot of pleasant experiences.

For example, a picturesque suburb of Meudon, nestled on slopes of a high hill, is just ten kilometers from the capital of France. This place was chosen by the French as long ago as in the fourteenth century, when the first local medieval castle was built here. It’s difficult to say how it looked in those days, but it had a certain popularity and until the mid-sixteenth century had changed many owners.

Exactly at that time the French king Louis XIV bought the estate for his successor – the Grand Dauphin. But, history has not favored the son of the monarch. He did not become a king, and the castle with a magnificent park had come to a complete neglect.

However, the castle of Meudon did not remain without attention of the good and the great. As the beautiful estate of Meudon is only six kilometers from the royal residence Versailles, the favourite of King Louis XV Madame de Pompadour had decided to settle here. By her request a Royal architect Gabriel built a splendid palace, called Bellevue (what means “beautiful view”) thanks to the magnificent panoramic views. Louis himself has often rested in the palace, recognizing the exquisite taste of his sweetheart.

But, as with many architectural sights of the country, the French Revolution did not spare Medon. So, the old royal castle became a military laboratory where engineers had created new types of artillery shells. Its towering columns were removed for use in the construction of a triumphal arch near Louvre. Moreover, creators of weapons were guilty of serious fire which destroyed a large part of the palace.

Concerning Bellevue Palace, its fate was even more terrible. The chic mansion was simply dismantled for building materials.

As often happened in the history of France, artists had helped in the revival of various places. The same situation was and with Meudon. In the middle of the nineteenth century, many artists, musicians, sculptors and writers were attracted by local beauty of nature. Such well-known personalities as Rodin, Renoir, Manet, Wagner, Maupassant created their legendary works here.

Today Meudon continues to retain its artistic traditions. Many representatives of the art world live here. For example, the family of Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp had settled in this peaceful and beautiful place. Museum of Rodin is located in the town of Meudon, and the grave of the great master is near the museum.

Many walkers come to Meudon throughout the year. Walking along the paths of local forests and parks, you can see the old royal pavilions, be on the terrace of Observatory, where Paris is viewed as on the palm. If you have free time, we strongly recommend you to visit Meudon and get evidence the beauty with own eyes.

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