Memorial of Shoah in Paris

Paris attracts many tourists not only its wonderful shops, restaurants and historical architecture sights, the French people revere history and give the tribute to their ancestors. So, being in Paris, you can visit some of these places.

As we know, the Second World War has not passed France and left a scar in human memory. One of the reminders of that terrible time for humanity is the Holocaust Memorial (Mémorial de la Shoah), known before as the Tomb of the unknown Jewish martyr. The new memorial was opened by the President of France Jacques Chirac in 2005 on the place of the old one, which was built by the famous architects Alexandre Perzitz, Georges Goldberg and Léon Arretche in 1956.

Holocaust Memorial of Shoah was founded in memory of six million of the Jewish people killed by the Nazis during the World War II, as well as 76 thousand people who were sent to the concentration camps during the occupation of Paris by German troops. Here there is also a center where information about the affected people is stored.

Entering the memorial, visitors must pass through a double fence and a massive door, what by the plan of creators will give a possibility to feel that terrible emotions of people affected by the genocide.

In the courtyard of the memorial there is a large bronze cylinder with engraved names of the victims of the Warsaw ghetto and the names of the major «death camps» founded by Hitler’s henchmen.
On one side of the yard is a sculptural relief of seven memorial plaques to symbolize the Holocaust, it’s author is an artist Arbit Blatas. They have been established here in 1982.

On one wall the names of 76 thousand Jewish men and women, including 11,000 children, who were victims of German concentration camps, are engraved.

Today, the Holocaust Memorial in Paris – it is not only an architectural monument of the terrible genocide of the Jewish people. Nowadays, there are open reading rooms, conference halls, educational center, permanent and temporary exhibitions, there is a bookstore, a cafe.

Of course, visiting the Holocaust Memorial is a serious emotional experience, even for adults, but to visit this place – it means to learn and remember the terrible history, and never repeat those mistakes.

Memorial is opened for the visitors daily. For more information, please visit the official website of the Shoah Memorial