Striking Paris – Mead and Catacombs

Surely, you’ve heard about famous Paris catacombs which stretch for a hundred kilometres under the city. And we’d written once about them in our blog.

Great number tunnels, remains of thousands people, gloomy atmosphere… with all of this an ordinary person associates the catacombs of Paris. None the less, time is swift, and nowadays the dungeons “develop” too.

A French master-beekeeper Audric de Campeau uses the catacombs for ripening of his craft drink – mead. Logically, he is a beekeeper! 🙂

Audric’s workrooms are twenty metres under the French capital. And, as he says, the catacombs is a perfect place for mead ripening. It’s fresh and calm here, and a high humidity – just all you need.

Products of Audric de Campeau are known under the brand of Le Miel de Paris.


Surprising that hives of the beekeeper are installed at very unusual places – on the roofs of Musee d’Orsay, Les Invalides, Ecole Militaire, the Paris Mint.

De Campeau himself jokes that his bees live at a height of 20 metres over Paris, and mead ripens at the depth of 20 metres under it. The master also says that he has a lot of different ideas and people will hear about him in the future.

And what about tourists, so, maybe, walking along labyrinths of the Paris catacombs you will meet this “unconventional” mead maker.