Marche aux fleurs – the living flower museum

Museums, exhibitions, Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, and, of course, the Eiffel Tower – here are the places in Paris that usually interesting for millions tourists from all over the planet. Undoubtedly, being in this beautiful city, it’s hard to give up a visit of these world-famous sights, you have heard many times from friends or read in books and magazines. As the saying goes, advertising is a great power!

Though, Paris – like any other big city – can offer its residents and visitors not only the “classic” attractions and a large number of less known but not less interesting and memorable.

In the minds of millions people on the Earth the French capital is associated with the beautiful – art and fashion. So, if life leads you to Paris you should fully enjoy its beauty. This means that not only boutiques and museums must be present at your schedule.


These wonderful plants have conquered the human hearts thousands years ago and continue to delight us today. It is quite natural that the most romantic city in the world pays great attention to flowers – they are loved… adored here.

Flower market Marche aux fleurs attracts thousands Parisians and tourists like a magnet and makes it possible to have a good time. Strolling among many counters with various flowers, people get a positive energy. Here you can choose a charming bouquet for your darling or for a decoration of your house – in a word, Parisian flower market offers flowers for all occasions and, of course, flowers of the highest quality.

«Marche aux fleurs» is one of the few places in Paris, where it’s crowded at any season of year, every day, in the sun and by moonlight. And, as local vendors joke, very soon the market will become more popular than Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower.

For the good mood and positive emotions go to a meeting with the flowers!