Loire – the land of magnificent castles…

Without exaggeration one of the most valuable pearls of France is the valley of the river Loire. This French region attracts thousands travelers from many countries of the world every year.

As the basic sights of Loire are numerous castles it is abundantly clear that staying here cannot be limited to one or two days. According to tourist guidebooks there are forty two ancient Château (so Frenchmen name castles) on river banks, however separate sources testify that there are about three hundreds of them.

Having visited at least some castles the history of France will open the doors before you to the surprising world of real and described numerous novelists events.

However not only castles have value for numerous tourists, the valley is full of other interesting components. So, Frenchmen declare that exactly in this valley of the river Loire they speak the purest French language, and it is possible to consider the local dialect some kind of the standard.

Many years ago in this place great writer Honoré de Balzac, the author of such immortal books as “Gobseck” and “La Comédie humaine”, was born. In search of inspiration here frequently came significant art workers among who were George Sand, Oscar Wild and Victor Hugo. And Charles Perrault was so amazed and admired by Château d’Ussé that he could not be kept from writing his ingenious “Sleeping beauty”.

The large quantity of castles which are located on both sides of the most extended French river, tells us that for a long time noblemen and representatives of royal family were the basic judges of beauty of this district. They have built up the river with magnificent private residences in the Middle Ages and Renaissance.

As the Italian artists and architects were the most active at that time of the Renaissance the French aristocracy invited them to build their Château. Even great Leonardo da Vinci was noted here.

Thanks to influence of the Italian masters, the French castles became more comfortable and magnificent while earlier the priority was given to advantage of erection of protective constructions. So, it is especially possible to allocate Château d’Amboise in which king Charles the Eighth has ordered to build two big towers with gates for the royal couple could approach directly at the front entrance of the castle.

It is necessary to tell some words about Château de Chambord – one of the most significant French castles of the Renaissance times. Great Leonardo has built it with his ingenious hands; his style is most distinctly visible in the design of the bilateral ladders which distinctive feature was the impossibility of meeting the going down and the rising people.

And this is only a small drop of everything interesting that waits for you on coast of Loire. We recommend you to admire beauty of Château de Chenonceau and Château de Blois.

Their close finding from Paris (only three hours by train) and the developed tourist infrastructure promotes visiting these places; everyone can rent apartments of suitable level here.