Laon – Gothic gem of Picardie

As we have said in our blogs many times previously, being on vacations in Paris you should not deprive yourself of the pleasure to visit interesting towns located not far from the capital. You can spend a whole day for a tour but, be sure, you’ll get new impressions. Of course, Paris is Paris, but France is not over beyond its borders 🙂

This time we would like to say some words about the town of Laon which is located 130 kilometers to the north-east from Paris in the region of Picardie. This town is situated on the place of an ancient Gallic settlement and nowadays is famous, first and foremost, for its unique beautiful medieval architecture. It’s notable that the old town of Laon is on the hill of 188 meters height.

The main attraction in Laon is Notre-Dame Cathedral – the brightest example of Gothic architectural style of the northern France and a peer of its namesake Notre-Dame de Paris (both were built in the 12th century).


The same time period is displayed by the Church of Saint Martin.

Saint Martin church

Visit the Bishops’ Palace situated in the northern side of Notre-Dame de Laon,

Saint-Jean Abbey,

Saint Jean-Baptise

Saint-Vincent Abbey.

The town museum of Laon is also worth visiting, here you’ll see rare medieval items and canvases of Louis brothers, Mathieu and Antoine Le Nain, who were born there. In the courtyard of the museum there is Templar’s chapel which also dates back to the 12th century.

Laon Chapelle des Templiers

Besides, Laon is a true French town with beautiful streets and squares, unique atmosphere of the past times.

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We wish you a pleasant tour and unforgettable impressions!