Touch the future in park La Villette

The French capital represents some kind of open-air “collection” of masterpieces of art, and the collection is great enough. Simple listing of sights of Paris there is always a chance of missing something, – there are so many of them.

In our small article we will not stop on the most significant (the Louvre, Versailles, Tour Eiffel, Arch Triomphe etc.) and the well-known Parisian sights. We will tell about park La Villette (one of the greatest in France) which you should visit necessarily, being in Paris. At least, you should see the local original architecture combining transparent lifts, bridges and avenues, unique mixture of glass and steel. In general, founders of this park have tried to make it an islet of futurism.

La Villette – is a grandiose project consisting of such elements, as city of music, a science and industry city, a market, a concert platform “Zenith”.

Located on a place of ancient Parisian slaughterhouses the modern park is one of the most “vivid” places in all city where the movement is created by thousand of Parisians and visitors of capital. Here business meetings are held, people walk, go shopping. In park La Villette exhibitions, international seminars and conferences are constantly held collecting visitors from various corners of the world. Each visitor of park can familiarize with all achievements of technological progress presented on these actions.  It is accessible thanks to numerous audio- and video units, and you involuntarily become the inhabitant of the world of the future.

As well as in any similar place, in park La Villette there is something each visitor should see.

Exposition Explora. The original exposition divided into three components: water, flora and light.

The science city in park is interactive that allows to observe live every possible natural phenomena or research experiments. In park halls all adjoins to various sciences (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and others). Visiting of scientific expositions will necessarily help everyone to open for him or herself something new and interesting.

Do not pass by the most interesting Planetarium, the legendary Louis Lumière cinema where to your attention will offer unique three-dimensional films.

Watch movies on the one thousand square meters hemispherical screen at cinema La Géode.

It is possible to continue the description of everything that is in park La Villette, but it is better to see it with your own eyes. We sincerely wish you to receive maximum of positive emotions from visiting “the corner of the future” in Paris.