La Rochelle – the beauty on the Atlantic coast

Paris… You came here on vacation and spent a week, watched hundreds of sights. And now just relaxing in a cafe near your rented apartment, although you have few days in reserve? In this case we recommend you not waste time and go to the wonderful French town of La Rochelle, located just five hundred kilometers from the capital.

Once La Rochelle was a small fishing village, which there were more thousands in France. However, the village has turned into a developed and quite wealthy town in the course of time. Many of us know its name from the literary works of the great writer Alexandre Dumas. What about the name of La Rochelle, it translates from French as “little rock”.

Some centuries ago La Rochelle was an important defence bastion, situated on the shore of the Bay of Biscay, with a reliable fortress and other fortifications. Many of these military installationss are preserved in the town today. For example, these are the old gun slots guarding the Chain Tower and the St. Nicholas Tower. Today the first of them is an interesting exhibition about the history of the local Protestant community, and its observation deck offers the opportunity to admire enviroments.

The Old Port makes the most vivid impression in La Rochelle, here numerous yachts, sailing catamarans and luxury cruise ships are “parked” on the sea waves. And if you’re a fan of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, you can also see his legendary “Calypso” and even to come on its board.

Beautiful streets of La Rochelle are paved with cobble-stones, which got to the town as ballast of many ships coming to the port from distant Canada. In the holiday season these streets are filled with crowds of tourists from around the world. Someone visits souvenir shops, someone sits at a table in restaurant terrace, and someone just walks along the promenade and admire the evening waters of the Gulf.

Visit a local Museum of mechanical dolls without fail and receive unforgettable impressions. Here revived dolls play musical instruments, dance, ride. Trains on the miniature railway are so realistic that small engines make a real smoke.

When you excite your appetite, visit the wonderful restaurant “Andre” with fantastic dishes of oysters. Restaurant’s interior is decorated with anchors, control sticks and numerous photographs of sailing vessels.

You can also have a good time in La Roshelskom aquarium, gathered more than twenty thousand representatives of fauna and flora.

Speaking on moving through the town, then there are municipal boats departing from the Chain Tower.

La Rochelle offers its guests beautiful sandy beaches, where you can sunbathe and swim in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, the local air is the cleanest in France.

We wish you a pleasant time in this beautiful town, where the past and the present miraculously interweave.

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