La Defense – suburb which has become the business City

As Paris is a capital, it is obliged to have some features without which it would be extremely difficult to correspond to such serious status. At once we will tell that we have decided to devote the given material to business center of Paris — the place named La Defense. Even more often Parisians name it with a fashionable word “city”. Though for a long time there was a capital suburb here, today it is the concentration of money and progress where the Parisian real estate costs a fortune, and office rent in this area is considered extremely prestigious.

The idea of business quarters in big cities belongs to London. However, with a time flow the London City in respect of architecture is some kind of archaism with a single modern tower in the form of a spindle or an eggplant.

If to speak about business quarters of other European capitals many experts agree in the opinion that nowadays Paris in this plan is ahead of all Europe.

In the French capital the City is called La Defense. You wouldn’t recognize the place which was here five decades ago in this modern business center of Paris. Then La Défense represented a usual hill with a little forest, continuation of the well-known Parisian Bois de Boulogne; on the distant part of the hill there was a cemetery, and the top of the hill was decorated with a monument devoted to the French soldiers, lost on battle fields during the First World War. This monument can be seen today displaced on several kilometers towards the center of Paris to the edge of modern Parisian City.

Today’s La Defense is a huge square concrete plate which is stretched from the hill towards the city. The given space is surrounded with a considerable quantity of the highways having surprising outcomes thought up by the French engineers.

The central part of this concrete plateau is represented by almost empty promenade towering on numerous columns. Under the same artificial area is a bus station; in turn under it is a station of the Parisian underground. But, and there is more to come… Under the metro station (!!!) there is a railway station from which trains in tens of directions ply.

And if the central square in La Defense is almost empty, it is surrounded by magnificent skyscrapers different on the architecture from everything that you can see in Paris and in all France. In these magnificent constructions office premises of the companies and also prestigious hotels settle down. There are some residential buildings. It is difficult to imagine how much an apartment in this business area of the French capital costs. Today apartments in Paris are expensive enough, and in this area…

Founded by president Mitterand, the new area of La Defense continues to be built up and develop actively. Constantly new magnificent office buildings, hotels, apartment houses appear. The main sight of the area is Grande Arche, which is in the correct form of a cube from concrete and glass in which offices of the serious private and state organizations settle down. Architect Johan Otto who has created a real miracle in modernist style became the author of this construction.