La Defense – Modern Paris

We have already written a lot about various Parisian attractions those history had many years. Today we would like to talk about the new Paris, and its clearest example is a business district resembling in some aspects futuristic drawings of fantastic movies. La Defense.

Business district of Paris is striking in its daily activity, which differs little from the similar on Wall Street in New York with brightness and liveliness. And it’s the same look of this part of Paris in a night-silence.

La Defense (it is the name of this Parisian district) is not just a concentration of skyscrapers and many offices placed here. You can always find here a lot of other interesting things. Concerts, theatrical performances and art exhibitions are hold in this area. To see this, you should just spend some hours in Exhibition Centre or on the roof of Big Arch.

At any time you can visit numerous bars, cafes and restaurants, shops. Walking through the streets of this “area of the future” you will be able to look at local mimes, musicians, jugglers or magicians at almost every corner. If you’re lucky and will find yourself in Paris on June 21, so we recommend to visit the annual music festival «Fute de la Musique», passing in the business district of Paris.

What about architectural features of La Defense, here you can see groups of tower structures in height over thirty floors with facades of very original design. Modern trends in architecture and old mosaics, sculptures, original fountains are interwoven ideally.

The most significant and attractive for thousands of tourists construction is mentioned above Big Arch – a huge cube. This structure weighs three hundred thousand tons; its width is seventy meters, and height – one hundred and ten meters. The author of this truly grandiose monument of modern architecture is Johan Otto von Sprekelson, who won the competition organized by former French President Francois Mitterrand. According to ideas of the architect, this massive construction was supposed to be a kind of triumphal arch of modern times, embodies the humanistic ideas. In this building there are some Ministries and government departments, and headquarters of major international companies.

The rooftop terrace offers magnificent views of many Parisian sights, including Louvre, Champs Elysée,  Arc de Triomphe, Jardin des Tuileries, and others.