Just Versailles…

You were in Paris and had not visited Versailles? This is an unacceptable omission, especially because of it is located in twenty kilometers from the city.

And what is Versailles? First of all, the world-famous palace was built by French King Louis XIV. And today Versailles is one of the most visited tourist attraction in France.

The representatives of royal blood strived for surrounding himself with luxury at all times, and Louis was not an exception. It is not surprising that the king built a new palace solely because of envy. However, he did not envy some European monarch, and that person had been his own finance minister. He built a palace at Vaux-le-Vicomte.

Crave for a new residence, the king naturally wanted it to be much more luxurious than the residence of the homager. But, significantly, the creators of the new palace was chosen architect Louis Lebo, landscape designer André Lenotre and painter Charles Lebrun – the authors of the object of the royal jealousy. According to the monarch’s order, new royal residence had to be a hundred times greater than the palace of Vaux-le-Vicomte.

The result of those works we can see even today. Versailles was the culmination of desire of French kings to luxury. Sometimes we hear that stylistically Versailles has ambiguous feedback from visitors. However, it should be remembered that Louis (aka Sun King) was an extravagant person, so his tastes were more than special.

All said words are applied directly to the palace. But surrounding park is not less attractive to visitors, and there are extremely positive reviews of all tourists visiting this legendary place.

We will not paint all the charm of Versailles because it can take more than one day and Internet is full of all sorts of information about the famous sight. We just want to remind you about this wonderful place what you can visit during your stay in Paris.

French authorities have always cared about the history. The president of French Republic Jacques Chirac, as Francois Mitterrand once organized a reconstruction of Louvre, had started a twenty-year program for the restoration of Versailles with a budget estimated at 400 million euros in 2003.

You can get from Paris to Versailles by RER train to station Versalles – Rive Gauche (Line 5). Tourists can visit the palace during the whole year, excepting holidays and the state events.