Rue des Rosiers – the Jewish quarter of Paris

Not even the most knowledgeable in the history person knows that the Jewish people was persecuted during many centuries, and there is nothing surprising that representatives of this nation were scattered around the world. Jewish quarters can be found in many cities of many countries, there is such area and in Paris.

If records of Wikipedia are to be trusted, since the 13th century Le Marais is the Jewish quarter of Paris. Though, it should be said that this statement is too exaggerated, because historically it mainly refers to the only one Rue des Rosiers and bordering alleys. And the street itself is not the biggest in Paris and in the Marais.

Many centuries ago in this area of the city the city wall was located, and on its inner side beautiful gardens with bushes of roses (rosier – in French) were laid out. Due to them the street got its name.

The first Jews came to Paris in the 12th century and lived quietly during two hundred years until they were driven out of the kingdom by the then monarch. The second coming of the descendants of Moses to the French capital took place on the eve of the French Revolution. The second half of the 19th century was marked by the mass immigration of Jews from Eastern Europe, in particular, from tsarist Russia, who escape from the terrible massacres and miserable life. After the Second World War Sephardic Jews – immigrants from the North African colonies of France – settled in the quarter.

And what is the Jewish quarter of Paris today? Naturally, this is a mass of different kosher shops — probably, there is not such number of them anywhere in Europe. At Rue de Temple you’ll find a very interesting Museum of Art and History of Judaism.

Enjoy your walks through the Jewish Quarter and the Marais!