Jardins Albert Kahn

Forgetting for a while about the architectural masterpieces and many museums of Paris, in this article we would like to mention a beautiful place of the city – ideal for a pleasant spiritual relaxation. This is a private Paris garden of Albert Kahn (Les Jardins Albert Kahn) which is located in the south-west of the French capital and includes a unique set of themed gardens of different time periods and styles.

The founder of the park – a successful banker Albert Kahn – visited often the country of the rising sun, taking a great interest in its nature and culture, what left its mark on his outlook. And it is not surprising that the most beautiful garden here is the Japanese garden with an original house. This is a wonderful creation by nature and human hands where every element is filled with its own meaning and philosophy. Everything at this place disposes to a good rest, contemplation and concentration.

The second Japanese garden, designed by the famous Japanese master Fumiaki Takano, is located next to the traditional one. This garden is very unique, here together with beautiful greenery and mountain streams there is even its own Mount Fuji – neither more nor less than a symbol of Japan.

At the heart of the park you will find a large greenhouse Palmarium where hundreds of tropical plants brought here from Oceania and other equally exotic edge are represented.

Vegetation of America and Africa is at “blue forest” whose basis is the Atlas cedars and gray-blue spruces.

Rural landscapes of childhood memories of Mr. Kahn – “Vosges forest” with wild ivy and huge boulders. Also there are English and “Gold” forests in the park.

In 1999 a great storm caused enormous damage to the park of Albert Kahn, but now it is fully restored and you can enjoy its splendor while staying in Paris.