Honfleur – Norman oasis of France

The present world of skyscrapers and high-speed trains tires us from time to time with its pace and constant tension. And sometimes we want to plunge into the pool of carelessness and tranquillity, to return to the past and enjoy the beauty of the Middle Ages, to meet people who are not seeking for modern trends…

Honfleur! This is exactly what you need to abstract away from haste of a megalopolis and to make an unforgettable trip to the past.

The French town of Honfleur, located in Normandy, can be called a peculiar time machine, which sends you to an amazing world without stress of modern civilization.


It is a very old settlement where the inhabitants speak their own dialect which is not much alike the classic French language, because forefathers of Honfleur’s populace were vikings from Norway. Stern northerners came to the mouth of the Seine in a distant 10th century and became a real terror for many merchant ships of those times.

But a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then, and nowadays Honfleur is a charming small town with a measured way of life, with people who are notable for self-confidence (thanks to their forefathers), slowness and a surprising peace of mind.

Beauty of the town is emphasized by indescribable architecture and amplified by an admirable harbour full of yachts, cutters and fishing boats. Generally, the sea for Honfleur is not just a word. It is its life.

Occasionally the unique charm of this Norman sea settlement was glorified in the works of many famous artists: Baudelaire, Monet, Corot, Satie, Seurat…

Being in Honfleur, have a walk through its narrow breeze-blowed streets, taste excellent dishes of fresh seafood in taverns. In the local art galleries and antiques shops you can find authentic masterpieces. In this town there is the oldest French wooden church of Saint Catherine and the Gothic cathedral of Saint Stephan, a town museum presently.

As oposed to a neighbouring Deauville, you will not find posh hotels and casinos in Honfleur, however there are lots of pleasant and comfortable boarding houses in old buildings.

This is a calm Norman oasis just two hours drive from Paris, so if you are in the capital, use the opportunity and visit Honfleur. We are sure, you will be delighted…