Gardens of Marqueyssac

Is the childhood far behind and your faith in miracles has also gone to the past? However, be sure, wonders happen! France is rich in different beautiful places and the hero of our today’s narrative stands out even against its common background. The gardens of Marqueyssac – natural splendour founded by a human.

This brightest attraction of the country of Balzac and Dumas is located 550 kilometers to the south of Paris in Dordogne Department. Marqueyssac gardens is a great creation which can be labeled a real masterpiece of landscape art. And nowadays it is not any more a local commonplace of interest but the tourist attraction of European scale.

Gardens of Marqueyssac

The gardens of Marqueyssac… These are tens of thousands of box trees, diluted with other beautiful verdure. On the hills around the castle there are numerous labyrinths and paths. Walks along and through them will give a huge supply of a good mood.

The castle of Marqueyssac is placed at the height of 800 meters and has its initial aspect.

Gardens of Marqueyssac Gardens of Marqueyssac Marqueyssac