Galerie Vivienne

Do you love shopping and exclusive things? So, you are sure to visit the famous Paris passage Galerie Vivienne, located in the 2nd district of the city next to the hero of our previous article – Galerie Colbert.

We have to say that, as the Colbert as the Vivienne are historical monuments of the French Republic, but Vivienne Galery keeps its primary mission – it is still a shopping place.

Garerie Vivienne was built in 1823 by the President of the Chamber of Notaries mister Marchoux at the place of Petits Peres passage and hotel Vanel de Serrant. This project was based on plans drawn up by the well-known architect of that time Francois Jean Delannoy. And the first name of the gallery was Marchoux, however it was renamed into Vivienne very soon.

Fashion tailor shops, cobblers, wine store, bookstore, restaurant, confectioner and other shops were opened here. All of this (along with a unique location in the very centre of Paris between the Grand Boulevards, the Stock Exchange and Palais Royal) attracted numerous visitors for a long time. This continued up to the famous reform of the legendary Paris prefect baron Haussmann, when majority of fashion shops was moved to the Champs Elysees and Madeleine.

As it happens often, the Vivienne Gallery had been in desolation for many decades. And just in the second half of the 20th century, renaissance time for Galerie Vivienne had come. Many fashion houses had begun to organize their fashion shows here. Nowadays there are lots of shops in the gallery where you can buy clothes, footwear, different accessories.

What about art feature of Galerie Vivienne, the building was created in neo-classical Pompeian style with an elegant roof, sculptures, mosaics.

Paris quarter, where the Vivienne Gallery is located, is very popular among tourists from all over the world, and many of them prefer to rent apartments for vacations in the capital of France right here. And it’s no wonder, since many interesting Paris sights are not far from this place.