Galerie Colbert

Dear readers, this time we offer you a short description of Galerie Colbert in Paris, which is even not being a main attraction of the French capital at the same time has a deserved place on touristic maps.

This beautiful construction was opened in the first half of the XIX century (to be more precise, in 1826), and nowadays it serves as entrance to the National Library of France.

The author of this nice building was an architect Billaud, and territory of the former Hotel Colbert (the residence of such famous historical French persons like Colbert and Philippe d’Orleans) had been selected as place of construction for the new building.

By the initial plan, the Colbert Gallery had to become the main rival to the Vivienne Gallery \ Galerie Vivienne (built four years earlier) and to excel it in an architectural beauty. For this, the author of the project decided to built a Pompeii rotunda with a diameter of fifteen meters, what was a very rare in Paris even at that time.

To its creators’ sorrow, Galerie Colbert could not become so popular as the Vivienne because expensive shops and boutiques had attracted only a rich part of Parisians.

The consequence of economic failure was a transfer of the gallery into the ownership of the Institute of France in 1859.

In the 20th century the gallery was on the brink of ruin, but in 1974 it was included into the list of historical monuments of France, what had been a real salvation for it.

In 1985, a large-scale reconstruction of the Colbert Gallery was made by an architect Louis Blanchet. After this, no one boutique remained here. Administration of the National Library opened a bookstore and a conference hall; lots of art exhibitions are being held here also.

Near the gallery you will find a well-known Paris restaurant Le Grand Colbert and aforementioned Galerie Vivienne. Palais Royal, Comédie-Française and other sights of Paris are not far from this place.

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