France and romanticism

If you agree with a statement that Paris is the city of love, so France – a country of romantics and for romantics. Being frank, we should recognize that this is really so. And this means that millions of tourists from all over the world come to this country searching an unforgettable romantic experience.

Of course, Paris is a wonderful city with a unique atmosphere that attracts not only the usual holiday-makers, but many representatives of the art world, what only confirms its unofficial status as one of the most romantic cities of our planet. There are many examples, it’s enough to remember such great persons as Ernest Hemingway, Rudolf Nureyev, Erich Maria Remarque, Arthur Rimbaud and Paul Verlaine, Edouard Manet and Claude Monet… They lived and created their masterpieces here.

But in this small article we will not talk about the French capital, as far as you can find a large number of materials dedicated to it on our website. France – not only Paris, there are many wonderful places ideal for couples for romantic vacations or honeymoon. We would like to briefly tell you about some of them.

Saint Paul de Vence. This is a very nice small Provence town, which, in principle, can be compared even with not a town but a village. However, this does not influence to charm and comfort that the town offers its guests. Saint Paul de Vence is an ancient town- fortress, hidden from prying eyes between the beautiful hills. The town is very attractive and its slightly old-fashioned life goes very calmly and evenly, there is nothing that could make even minimal discomfort. However, this does not mean that the town is far from the present civilization (though, perhaps, it would be even better). Along with beautiful ancient winding streets, lovely houses with original grapevine on the walls, fountains there are many fashionable boutiques, art galleries, soul cafes and restaurants. You will get indescribable feelings due to stunning views of mountains and the sea. During the stay in Saint Paul de Vence you can also visit the beautiful church built by the project of famous French painter and sculptor Henri Matisse.

Montsegur. This place is famous for its unique mountain Pogue, so if you decide to go here, you need not only a passion for romance, but also a good sports training to climb up the mountain. The ascent to Pogue takes a lot of physical strength, but, believe, the reward for these deprivations will be very good. At the top of the mountain near the town of Montsegur the Cathars castle ruins are located, and, of course, you wonderful views of the local beauty are waiting for you.

If you and your sweetheart prefer to be naked, then you should visit a unique place – the world capital of nudism – the beach, located in French town of Cap d’Agde. The beach is very nice and quiet, here you will not be disturbed with curious inquisitive looks of bystanders.

Valley of Loire. Gorgeous places with magnificent medieval castles, where French kings, counts and awnings spent their time. And what most importantly, that these castles are ready to receive you and give the same emotions that the monarchs with their favorites have experienced centuries ago. More “spice” of your holiday in the Loire Valley will be given you by delicious local cuisine.

There is no doubt that many people can say that there are other equally romantic towns and villages in France. We fully agree with that, because in France there are thousands of places where everyone can find something romantic and attractive. Therefore, travel to this wonderful country, discover new sights, get new experiences!