Force-major in Paris – What to do?

No one is insured from unforeseen situations visiting an unfamiliar city in another country. Let’s consider most frequent of them, and we will find out how to behave in that case if it has occurred to you in capital of the French republic – Paris.

The first. You needed to address the doctor for the qualified medical aid. If so it is not necessary to peddle old stuff, follow the instructions containing in your insurance policy. As to emergencies here it is necessary to call the ambulance at telephone number in Paris – 15!

There are situations when tourists beat off from the group during excursion in Paris. Do you have the program and the route? Then you can catch up with the others in other place, having used taxi (it will be not so expensive). But, if such information is not present, is better to go by the same taxi to the hotel and to wait for your “colleagues” on tourist shop return. For, if you decide to search at random, you risk to lose the way even more and even get to an unpleasant situation.

Loss (theft) of the passport can become very unpleasant situation (it concerns any place on our planet). It causes present panic in many people and completely deprives of possibility to supervise situation, though it is not a deadly tragedy. So, you remained in Paris without the main document. First of all – don’t panic! Go to the nearest of police department, write an application and fill in the corresponding report. Further you will need to go to consular establishment of your country or that state which represents it.

Very rare, but there are moments when a person can’t pay off in hotel or restaurant. Certainly, it is very unpleasant, but, don’t think of a silent way «to make feet» as it will lead to even more serious troubles. At attempt to flight you can be detained and brought to the police.  This will already be a punishable crime. It is better to inform the headwaiter on your problem, suggest to leave as a deposit your documents or valuable things (maybe you have left your purse with cash and bank cards in your room). Most likely they will give you a chance to search for the money for debt repayment. Anyway – make an agreement!

You were unreasonably detained by the Parisian police and brought to the police station? Immediately call the consulate of your country and inform on the detention fact. Representatives of diplomatic establishment are obliged to interfere and help you to understand the claims of local bodies of the law and order.

It happens that travelers forget certain things in their hotel room (sometimes very valuable) and find it out at home. To receive them back you should contact your travel agency or address the hotel directly and specify to the personnel what and where you have forgotten. If the loss is found you will get a parcel for which, naturally, you pay.

Undoubtedly, it is only a small part of force-major situations which happen with tourists, and we hope that our recommendations won’t be useful to you. But, nevertheless it is better to be prepared and informed.