Hobby on vacation: fishing in Paris

Fishing is a favourite hobby for many people around the world and sometimes, even on vacation, there is a strong desire to take a rod and catch some “crucians”. But several years ago it was impossible to fulfill such a wish in Paris because fishing was prohibited in the Seine owing to factories waste pollution.

However, 5 years ago the government of France developed a special program aimed at the Seine water purification, had assigned for it a lot of money and… now there is a result!

Everyone (both Parisians and tourists) has a possibility to fish on the Seine right in Paris. And to do it, you need a rod and a special permission (price – 10 Euro per day) only.

Nowadays fishing in Paris is more than 30 types of fish, a low tax for going in for your hobby on vacation, a possibility of fishing almost at every spot on the Seine. Besides, you can visit a Paris tourist office and get a map where the most lucky places for fishing are marked.

Have a good bite! 🙂