Domaine of Villarceaux

Hurrah! A new touristic destination is discovered in France – the Domaine of Villarceaux (Le Domaine de Villarceaux)! That’s a really beautiful palace & park complex, located 65 kilometers to the north-west from Paris in the commune of Chaussy (Val d’Oise Department).

Domaine de VillarceauxThe Domaine of Villarceaux was added to the list of French historic monuments in 1941.
Domaine de VillarceauxNowadays, this territory is a property of the Foundation Charles Leopold Mayer but according to the agreement it’s run by the Regional Counsil of Ille-de-France.
Domaine de VillarceauxAlthough Villarceaux is not the very talked-up attraction near Paris, we advise you to visit this lovely place. We have done it, and the pleasure is ours! 🙂

Official site of the domaine.