Discover a different Paris!

It is obvious that any city (especially such an ancient one as Paris) has a set of widely recognized and known sights, and also it is a lot of places which are not known to general public outside of local “ring road”. We already told on pages of our site about the most well-known Parisian sights, we stopped on some other places in hope to draw your attention to them. In this material we also wish to describe some less “PRed” places of the French capital which, nevertheless, can seem interesting enough to someone.

For certain, many of you are familiar with François Vidocq nice Parisian detective (or at least with the film with the same name with Gérard Depardieu in a leading role). In gallery Vivienne (Rue des Petits-Champs 4, rue Vivienne 6) it is possible to see a beautiful old ladder with metal handrail, on affinity with which the hero of investigation rented his apartment in Paris. And not only for the sake of this exhibit item is it necessary to visit this gallery, believe in this neoclassical place you will discover a lot of interesting for yourselves.

Nearly everyone in our country heard about the Bastille (in many respects thanks to remarkable films on motives of Alexandre Dumas’ products), but some believe that the ancient Parisian prison exists till now. To discredit this myth, we recommend to go to Paris and to visit Bastille Square where on the place where this grandiose construction once was there is a remaining circuit of the building which has been laid out from its stones, and a memorial tablet from the category “There was Bastille here”.

Many travelers (no matter where they are going to) like to get souvenirs from their trips and something more than memory can be found in Paris. In church on Rue du Bac, 140 travelers buy sacred medallions which are said to help the wandering people not to lose faith and hope during disasters.

Booking a tour in Paris, we advise you, strangely enough, to pay your attention to rather original toilets which are in the eighth district close to church of Madeleine. These designs are older than a hundred years, and there is nothing like this in Paris. Magnificent toilet bowls and washstands from porcelain are established there, and doors are made in a stylistic direction of art nouveau with magnificent flower stained-glass windows.And if we have mentioned a place where there was the most well-known prison of France we have decided to advise you to visit the place where guillotines once settled down. Till the beginning of the 20th century At Rue de la Croix-Faubin 16 there was a special prison for condemned men where sentences were carried out. Nowadays only the memorable tablet and strange “patches” in an architectural ensemble are here