Dirty tricks of Paris – advices to beginning tourists

On our site we have already given you historical inquiries, told you much about many Parisian sights, appeal of this or that place. Today it would be desirable to tell about some behavioral stereotypes and norms which need to be followed while visiting Paris because not always the standard behavior of the tourist pleases associates.

The main city of France is a very popular tourist centre; therefore it is always possible to observe crowds of idle people with cameras, staring with curiosity.

Let’s begin with the Louvre – the most known museum of France – which is visited every day by twenty five thousand Parisians and city visitors. The most well-known exhibit of the museum is the great Leonardo da Vinci’s creation of “Mona Liza” (“La Joconde”) and consequently to admire this masterpiece to aspire almost each visitor. But, for God’s sake, do not crowd near the picture as it is not as big as it can seem, and one person is in a condition to block the review of another. Instead go on survey of remained 35 thousand exhibits among which you will necessarily find something interesting for itself.

Some tourists go to the Seine cruise that is, undoubtedly, pleasant pastime as its cost is not so high (about 12 Euros). However, there is a dirty trick which is connected with the meal onboard the steam-ship. The order of a dinner during cruise can increase the price of your excursion to hundred Euros. Believe, you can have a better meal at a good restaurant much more cheaply.

Tour Eiffel. Each “decent” tourist burns with the desire to climb up this grandiose construction to look downwards from height of the bird’s flight. However, as a rule, tower visiting is nothing more than hassle in a long line to the lift and time expenditure. Many tourists were convinced for a long time already that from within this miracle of the world does not look as attractively as it can seem. And if you by all means wish to admire panorama of Paris it is better to make it from Montparnasse.

Visiting La Bastille. One more Parisian myth. As it is known, this well-known prison has been destroyed a long time ago, and today on its place there is a transport crossroad with the memorable tablet, – nothing more.

Skilled tourists insistently do not recommend visiting the well-known Parisian cafes for the sake of a coffee cup (kind of Café de Flore) as owners of such institutions, becoming a victim of some kind of “star fever”, establish astronomical prices. Don’t be too lazy and walk some ten meters and order an excellent coffee in a less PR-ed place.

The airports. When you order a tour to Paris, or simply buying a plane ticket, do not choose the arrival terminal Beauvais which is ninety kilometers from the city and to reach it will cost a decent sum of money. The airport de Gaulle or Aéroport d’Orly – that is what you need!

Probably, visiting Paris you would face other situations which is better to avoid, therefore we sincerely hope that our advises will appear useful.