Deauville – tourist paradise of Normandy

You spent a lot of time in Paris, had been many times there, local sights lost their attractiveness for, or you just want something new… In this case we advise you to pack things into a suitcase for trip and go to the town of Deauville, located in Normandy near the famous English Channel. Especially as because, the road from Paris, believe, will not take too much time, and there is a lot to look at!

Deauville is a “young” French city relatively, founded only in 1859 on-site of a small village. The town was created as a resort for rich people initially, where they could get posh service, not being afraid to show their wealth and to cause envy in others. The founder of this “paradise” for wealthy citizens was the Duke Charles de Morny, who, as it is said, had been a distant relative of Napoleon Bonaparte. And, as it often happened in history, the author of this grandiose ideas was a woman – in this case, the wife of the Duke.

In a very short time Deauville has become very popular holiday destination of French and European nobility, a large number of political, business and cultural elite had a vacation here.

Today the town has an undercover name of the 21st arrondissement of Paris and is still a very popular tourist resort. Of course, not everyone can afford a vacation at such a luxurious and expensive resort, to stay in such hotels like Normandy Deauville Barriere, Hotel Du Golf Barriere or Royal Deauville Barriere. But, why don’t you come here for one day and to admire local splendor by your own eyes, to meet famous people, who had been seen only on television previously? 🙂

And you can see here a lot. Respectable villas, made in Modern, Gothic, Renaissance styles, gorgeous beaches, wonderful parks… Maybe you will not spare a little money and try your luck at the casino or just enjoy the famous French cheeses with a glass of apple cider in a restaurant. Lovers of shopping will also find much of interest, because the number of fashion boutiques in Deauville is not less than in Paris.

Every year Deauville offers its guests the festivals of American cinema, jazz, classical music, modern art, horse racing. If you want to improve your health or to undergo health promotion treatments, so visit the famous institute of thalassotherapy Algotherm.

In any case, irrespective of the goals of your trip to Deauville you will remember this visit for a long time and definitely want to return here.

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