Corsica… Mediterranean paradise

Corsica. What do you know about this amazing place? From school days we know that Corsica – a birthplace of the great French Emperor Napoleon, but it’s not the only dignity of the island. This is a place with a delightful nature and rich history. And if you were not here, be sure to visit Corsica which the ancient Greeks called “most beautiful”, and they were the true connoisseurs of beauty. The centuries have passed and the island is still satisfying its proud description.

So, what’s the surprise of Corsica? First, mountains… Corsican mountains surprisingly combine unique vineyards, forests, swift rivers, magnificent beaches with azure waters and golden sands. The mountains are the home of beautiful villages and hunting grounds whose history has more than one century. Foots of the mountains are surrounded with numerous modern hotels, getting travellers from around the world.

Notable that all this landscape diversity of Corsica fits on a relatively small area – size of the island is only 85 by 183 kilometers. Almost any trip here does not take more than an hour, all the “amenities” are very close.

The administrative center of this French region (yes, Corsica – a part of France) and at the same time the most populated town is Ajaccio, the island’s second largest town – Bastia. Every Corsican town, regardless of its size, continues to maintain the atmosphere of those distant days when they were founded, what only adds a charm. Distinctive features of Corsican towns – narrow winding streets and small yards, “bathing” in the light of the bright sun.

As for the town of Ajaccio, there are so many reminders that the great Napoleon Bonaparte was born exactly here. Local residents get a great pleasure from this fact and are proud of their famous countryman. Monuments of the emperor, all kinds of souvenirs with his portrayals, the names of local streets and squares – all these and other remind residents and visitors about the legendary French sovereign.

Connoisseurs of art will find the Fesch’s museum of Italian painting which has the second richest collection in the country after Parisian Louvre. This museum was founded by Napoleon’s uncle (and this was not made without the Bonapartes) Cardinal Fesch.

For the travelers Corsica offers a variety of cafes and restaurants, small private inns and luxury expensive hotels. Those people who wish to spend their holidays in solitude on a seashore with beautiful beaches can rent a villa.

The inhabitants of Corsica are known for their love of all kinds of entertainments. “Guitar Nights” – one of the most popular pastimes of local residents, there is a traditional colorful Carnival in May. In principle, Corsica – not just a resort, this is a place giving wonders, the festive island!