Cognac – the town and the drink

We can say with confidence that the word “cognac” is known to almost every adult person on our planet, and millions of people are passionate fans of the drink of the same name, which brought fame to France and, of course, the town of Cognac. And we would like to say a few words about this town exactly in our material.

Cognac – a small town in the department of Charente on the banks of the river Charente with a population of about twenty thousand people. But local cognac manufacturers give the job more than forty thousand – from the grape pickers to coopers and tasters.

During the Great Roman Empire the town was called Conniacum, which only centuries later it got its present name Cognac.

Today Cognac attracts thousands of tourists as from France as from around the world. And this applies not only to fans of the famous drink, but also to people who just come here to enjoy the local attractions. But in any case, whatever we say, the town is associated with the popular alcoholic drink, what had won the world many centuries ago.

Finding yourself in this pleasant town with old houses made of stone, covered with a black patina, which is called “angel’s share”, you will feel the presence of cognac virtually everywhere. There is a feeling that the smell of the drink is just hanging in the air.

It is logical that the town has a lot of cognac shops and museums. Here you can buy drinks of such famous brands as Martell, Remy Martin, Hennessy, Chateau de Montifaud and others. Cognac Houses offer guests unforgettable cellars and vineyards excursions.

Cognac has a large number of souvenir shops where you can buy gifts for your friends and relatives. Walk along Charente on river buses will give an excellent impression.

The local restaurants have the unique flavour. Visiting any of them, be sure to order a delicious local dish – cheese plateau, which will offer a great variety of cheese from cow’s and goat’s milk (naturally, with the addition of cognac). This is not surprising, because cognac is one of the main ingredients of the local cuisine. Despite the fact that Cognac is not on the coast, seafood is very popular here.

However, not only cognac can attract travelers to the town. Cognac is known for its attractive architecture – ancient buildings, palaces. The Central square of the town was even mentioned in the novels of the great French writer Alexandre Dumas. The town has beautiful, very original and well-groomed parks.

Like many small French towns Cognac has its own cultural life. You can become a participant of the International Festival of Police Films in every April.

In any case, if you decide to visit it, remember that the town is the birthplace of cognac in the first place and a great museum of the legendary drink.

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