Cite Fleurie – Flower village of Paris

There are many legends about beauty of Paris, thousands poems and novels are written, painters pay tribute to it in their canvases. Everybody admires magnificent architecture of the French capital, museums or nice spiritual restaurants. However, on the city map we can find not only famous places but and unknown spots that deserve our attention. For example, Cite Fleurie.

Maybe, you have had an occasion to hear about “flower villages of Paris”, so Cite Fleurie is one of them. This is a small beautiful area which consists of three tens of charming cottages with huge glassed verandas. You may ask: why glassed? It’s simple enough. Cite Fleurie is a historic community of painters who always loved Paris, and these houses are their studios, where sunlight is very important thing.

The author of the Cite Fleurie project was French architect Montmorin-Jentel, and materials from one of exhibition halls of the World Exhibition in Paris were used for its construction.

Cite Fleurie

This Flower village is an amazing place with already mentioned houses, plenty of plants, and sandy paths (what is very unusual for present Paris).

Among habitants of Cite Fleurie there were many painters, even such the “mastodons” like Modigliani and Gauguin; frequent visitors were Bourdelle, Maillol and Rodin. Nevertheless, many admirers of art associate this area with Henri Cadiou who made a lot for saving it from demolition and inclusion into the list of the monuments under the state protection.

Cite Fleurie is located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. Address: 61-67 Boulevard Arago.