Church of the Saint Vincent de Paul

It is rather difficult to choose the next sight in Paris for a description because there are lots ones in the city. Still we decided to say some words about the Church of the Saint Vincent de Paul (Eglise Saint Vincent de Paul) which is located in the 10th district of the French capital. It doesn’t have the greatness (architectural, literary and historical) like Notre Dame de Paris, but the church is a very interesting and important place for many Catholics.

As its name implies the church was built in the honor of the famous representative of the Christianity St. Vincent who had written his name in the history of the Catholic Church and had earned the respect of the thousands of believers.

Construction of this cathedral was begun in 1824 and extended for the long twenty years. The reasons for this were lots of factors including the revolution in 1830. Initially Jean-Baptiste Lepere was selected as an architect of a new church but a different architect had ended up a massive construction project. His name was Jacques Hittorff (it happened that he was a Leper’s son-in-law). Hittorff has made the significant changes to the original draft of his relative’s during his work. For example, in the first draft a central tower was provided, but in the process of building a new architect decided to build two lateral towers instead of one. The wide stone staircase leading to the main entrance to the church was also added. Opening and consecration of the Church of the Saint Vincent de Paul dated on the 25th of October, 1844.

In general the 19th century was marked in France with numerous riots and the revolutions that could not passed the object of our story. During the days of the Paris Commune the building was damaged with cannon-balls, what was removed later during the renovation.

Stylistically the Church of the Saint Vincent de Paul is a late classicism with elements of the Greco-Roman architecture, what we can see clearly in a triangular pediment with columns above the main entrance. The pediment is decorated with a sculptural composition called “The Apotheosis of St. Vincent”. The intention of the sculptor was to shape to figures surrounding the great Christian the symbolism to underline his earthly deeds.

The interior of the cathedral is also impressive. In 1853 painter Hippolyte Flandre created a picturesque border between different levels of the internal columns, which represented 160 of the saint people. It is interesting to look at the bronze composition “Calvary” which is made by the sculptor Francois Ryud. We should also mention the chapel of the Blessed Virgin located in the apse of the church and painted in the eighties of the nineteenth century.

We hope that thanks to our little material you are interested in the Church of the Saint Vincent de Paul and will visit it during the stay in Paris.